Crime, Poverty & Food Insecurity in Washington, D.C.

For my Intro to Data Science class in the fall semester of 2019, I designed the website using WordPress for a group project investigating the geographic patterns of crime, poverty, and food insecurity in Washington, D.C. based on census and crime data. I also helped analyze the data and create visualizations using Plotly and Mapbox to convey our findings.

Mental Health of Syrian Refugee Children

For my Biology of Global Health Gateway class in the spring of 2019, I created a website using WordPress illustrating a health disparity, the mental health of Syrian refugee children.

Valuation of Nature Reserves in Singapore

While studying abroad at the National University of Singapore during the spring semester of 2020, I created a WordPress website for my Urban Ecology class group project. The site illustrates the results from our study on four nature reserves in Singapore.